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How to lose belly fat


“I don’t know why they call it stubborn belly fat. Mine is flexible and rolls with the punches.”

As women, we are ever preoccupied with how to lose belly fat. In order to do so, however, we must understand a few things first.

There are two major categories of stomach fat: subcutaneous and visceral. Subcutaneous fat is the visible outer layer right above the hips that you can pinch, while visceral fat is hidden beneath the surface around your internal organs. The latter type of fat is what you should be worried about because it is harmful, increasing the risk of heart […]

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What is your “why”….perfect motivation


If we want to be successful in our nutrition and fitness goals, we need to have a very clearly defined “why”. Why are we trying to lead a healthy lifestyle? What is the purpose behind our efforts? What is the passion that drives us?

Dedication naturally waxes and wanes, but a clearly defined “why” will pull us back on track. Therefore, it isn’t until we have formalized and physically written this down that we will have enduring success in our health and fitness goals. Furthermore, I would like to argue that this “why” not only must be clearly defined, but it […]

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Lucky #7


I love, love, love workouts that are a set amount of reps that I just need to finish as quickly as I can. I find that I push myself more on these type of HIIT workouts because I know that the faster I go, the faster I am done. Motivation to just get in and get done.

I also love, love, love at home workouts that require little equipment. One of the best investments that you can make for your home gym is a set of dumbbells. You can honestly get them just about anywhere, and they are relatively expensive. You […]

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Wave Goodbye to Bat Wings


Bat wings, bingo wings, chicken wings…whatever kind of wings you want to call them…no one likes under arm flab!

Workout Type: Finisher

Total workout time: 9 minutes

Equipment Required: Bench, Suspension Trainer

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At Home Workout – Exercising with Kids


Sometimes, the best gyms are not gyms at all.

Workout type: Repetitions

Total workout time: As long as it takes

Equipment required: Playground

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