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Let Us Not Forget Our Souls

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We are body and soul – our beings cannot be defined by one without the other. The former is the familiar and tangible, and therefore, we are naturally more loyal and committed to it.  On the contrary, our souls are the essence which our senses cannot see, feel, hear, smell or touch. The soul is the mysterious innermost being, which can be all too easy to neglect.

Our bodies are the very address where we reside, and therefore we have a palpable, concrete realization of them. This means it only makes sense that we have a desire, or at the very […]

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The beauty of Christian Theology lies in the BOTH/AND Paradox

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Have you ever noticed that Christianity is comprised of a series of BOTH/AND concepts instead of EITHER/OR? While they may seem impossible or contradictory at the very least, the beauty of Christianity lies in its paradoxes. At the very heart of our faith is the ultimate BOTH/AND – the Incarnation. Our Lord and Savior is fully human and fully divine. Therefore, it would make sense that more beautiful BOTH/AND principles flow out of that.

Mercy and Justice: To do justice to a person means to give him at least what he deserves. A Christian is never permitted to act “unjustly”. However, […]

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‘Are those tears running down my legs?’


You know that feeling – you are going along, feeling strong in your workout, and then you have to do jumping jacks…

‘Wait, what?’

‘Are there tears running down my legs?’

If you check F in the gender box, then you probably know what I am talking about. The scientific term for that leakage is Stress Urinary Incontinence – an involuntary loss during sneezing, coughing or physical activity – and you should not be ashamed. You actually have quite a bit of company; whether they are willing to admit it or not, many women suffer from this condition, particularly if they have gone […]

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Loving yourself as you ought


A common theme in the fitness industry, and just generally, is LOVE YOURSELF. The message is to let go of what you hate about yourself, and instead learn to love yourself for who you are. In the words of pop crooner, Christina Aguilera, ‘you are beautiful no matter what they say’. You are uniquely beautiful and have talents, qualities that are special to you. So embrace your inner and outer beauty.

I technically agree with this idea. I am always dying for my clients to see themselves as the lovely, gifted women that I see or better yet as the women […]

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How to lose belly fat


“I don’t know why they call it stubborn belly fat. Mine is flexible and rolls with the punches.”

As women, we are ever preoccupied with how to lose belly fat. In order to do so, however, we must understand a few things first.

There are two major categories of stomach fat: subcutaneous and visceral. Subcutaneous fat is the visible outer layer right above the hips that you can pinch, while visceral fat is hidden beneath the surface around your internal organs. The latter type of fat is what you should be worried about because it is harmful, increasing the risk of heart […]

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