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What is your “why”….perfect motivation


If we want to be successful in our nutrition and fitness goals, we need to have a very clearly defined “why”. Why are we trying to lead a healthy lifestyle? What is the purpose behind our efforts? What is the passion that drives us?

Dedication naturally waxes and wanes, but a clearly defined “why” will pull us back on track. Therefore, it isn’t until we have formalized and physically written this down that we will have enduring success in our health and fitness goals. Furthermore, I would like to argue that this “why” not only must be clearly defined, but it […]

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“I’ve re-evaluated WHY I work out”


I recently received the following email, and I just had to share it because this woman completely nailed it. I desperately wish every female could view their health and fitness from this vantage point.

Some 0400 thoughts from a sleep deprived nurse…

Initially, I wanted to be skinny. I’ve always wanted to be skinny. I thought skinny would mean beautiful and more appealing to my husband. I ran 6 miles a day (despite the fact that I hate running) hoping my legs, butt, and belly would shrink. It didn’t work. I became frustrated so I’ve re-evaluated WHY I work out.

Now, I work […]

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When Healthy Becomes Unhealthy


So often we are trying desperately to lose the pounds, and we live and die by the number on the scale. It almost starts to haunt us – an all-consuming goal that makes us feel like we are on a roller coaster because it completely dictates our day. We wake up in the morning, step on the scale, and those numbers staring back to us determine our mood, our day. I am obviously all for being healthy, but at what point does losing weight and getting fit actually become unhealthy? In theory, we are creating healthy habits, but at what […]

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Here what others are saying about Inside Out Training…

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The Mission and Vision of Inside Out Training


Inside Out Training believes health is holistic – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – and that it starts with on the inside with the heart and soul and works out.

With this belief in mind, Inside Out Training strives to provide complete care in helping women pursue a healthy LIFESTYLE. My goal is to help you enhance your quality of life through fitness so that you are not hindered by physical limitations, but rather can experience life and serve the LORD fully.


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