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Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast Cookie-min

This year, I put on my big girl pants and hosted our annual girls Christmas Tea. It is a delightful morning when all the women on both sides of our immediate families dress up for delicate sips and delightful nibbles. Usually either my mom or mother-in-law host the event, but this year I actually stepped up to the plate. Gasp. If any of you know me, you will recognize that this is not exactly my strong suite. While I consider myself an adequate cook and a decent baker, I get intimidated by such parties as they definitely push me out […]

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Against the Grain


My baby girl has terrible food allergies. Honestly, it has been highly frustrating, yet very eye opening at the same time. I have always been what I considered to be a healthy eater, but because of the little miss’ allergies, our family has had to make some pretty substantial dietary changes. It has been a learning curve for sure, but I have been forced to do the research, and boy am I glad. I have started digging into food and its effects on the body so that I can learn as much as I can, and let me tell you, […]

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Guest Blog: Farm Fresh – Buy Local

Conni and John

First, let me do a short introduction. My name is Conni, and I own a vegetable farm called Gallatin Grown outside of Bozeman, Montana. You can check out my story of how I became a veggie farmer on my website Spoiler alert: I didn’t want to be one. So yes, I come to you today as a vegetable farmer, but originally I didn’t understand the value of local, fresh food. However, there are many different reasons why I now believe eating locally grown food is beneficial, and it is not just because that is what I do. Since becoming […]

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Gut Check


Gut health is a very real thing. It is very important that we are eating to create and maintain proper digestive function because the ability to fight acute and chronic disease starts in the digestive system. Therefore, if you are constantly irritating your digestive system with what and how you eat, you are suppressing your immune system, which can manifest itself in a myriad of ways such as allergies, eczema, arthritis, acne, migraines, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and so much more.

Some signs that you have a disrupted digestive system are flatulence, belching, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn and undigested food in your […]

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Meal Prep Tips + Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Stuffed Peppers-min

Meal planning and preparation is a HUGE part of successful healthy nutrition. I really can’t emphasize this enough; I would even go so far as to say that it is vital. ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’ Yes, I know that is an overused, cliche saying, but it is oh so true in this case!

My suggestion is that you plan and prep an entire week of food at a time. This might be a new concept, and it will probably seem daunting or overwhelming at first, but trust me. It will make your life easier!

I made the […]

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