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My Top Five Pain Management Strategies for Labor and Delivery


I am just a Mom with four babes and a penchant for exercise. I am not a doctor, doula, midwife, nurse practitioner, labor and delivery nurse or anything sort of professional when it comes labor. I guess what I am saying is I am not really qualified to speak on pain management during birth, except for my own experience.

So that is what you get. Here are my Top 5 thoughts based strictly on my own experience. Sift through it and use what is valuable to you, and trash the rest.

1. You do you. I usually HATE this catchphrase, […]

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Why I don’t eliminate food groups, count macros, intermittent fast or use popular eating styles


A lot goes into physical health, but I think that it is undeniable that the two foundational pillars are exercise and nutrition. For me personally, eating well is the much harder side of the coin. Now, I know what you are thinking “that is because you are one of the weirdos that actually like to workout”. True. I am not going to deny that I don’t mind a good sweat sesh. However, the real reason why I think nutrition is much more difficult than exercise is because eating is constantly “there”. What I mean by that is the simple fact […]

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Health and Fitness “Hacks”


I always say that one of the first steps to leading a healthy lifestyle is awareness; you absolutely must build a foundation of knowledge. I can’t even tell you how many times I have clients that THINK they are doing the right things and yet are so frustrated by lack of progress. Well, it turns out, some of those things really aren’t the best after all. It is key to know the HOW; otherwise, you can be wasting a whole lot of time.

After that, it is all about action, taking that education and putting it into practice. However, unfortunately, […]

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My New Exercise Trick


Believe it or not, exercise can get old for me too.

So I have been trying this new thing on for size. Not only does it make the workout go a little bit faster, but it also helps me push myself more. PLUS, there is one even bigger added bonus the benefits of which far outweigh any sweat session.

Who wants in on the secret? Lucky for you, I am willing to share.

So we all have a laundry list of prayer intentions right? If we really stop to think about it, we have a myriad of circumstances and people […]

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Top Five Ways to Relieve Stress


Stress. No one is immune.

We all know we should follow Bobby McFerrin’s advice

But seriously if it were that easy. Just say the words and the flip would be switched, and we could just wipe that worry away and just be happy. C’mon now; while that song is a nice ideal, it is completely unrealistic. We don’t just say the word and POOF! All anxiety is gone. So here are my top 5 ways to eliminate and relieve stress in our lives because it is detrimental to overall health and stability. Oh and it would be nice to finds way […]

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