Hi, I'm Camille,

I am a wife, mom, certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and health blogger. Here are some tidbits about me; I will let you be the judge of whether or not they are interesting!

  • I grew up on a cattle ranch in Montana, and there is still something about the red cows, green grass and snow-capped blue mountains that feels like home.

  • One of my ears sticks out more than the others. When I was little, I would sleep on that side in hopes of pushing it back in.

  • My favorite food is pizza. I have to force myself to eat it no more than once a week.

  • I am an introvert. No, that doesn’t mean I am shy. Rather, I simply need some alone time to recharge!

  • I HATE having long fingernails. Most of the time you can’t even see the white tops because they are clipped so short.

  • I participated in 3 sports as a high schooler – setter on the volleyball team, point guard on the basketball team and pole vault in track.

  • I can’t sing on tune. No, really. However, the thing that calms my girls down the most is me singing ‘Hush Little Baby’. They don’t mind if it is off key simply because it is mama’s voice. I like to think that God also enjoys my praises unconditionally.

  • I generally don’t like mint. I even use cinnamon toothpaste to avoid the traditional minty flavors.

  • I have more pairs of Nike tennis shoes than all my other shoes combined. I like to have a variety of colors to match whatever outfit I am wearing.

  • I am sort of a clean freak, which is pretty common in my Dutch heritage. As we like to say, cleanliness is next to Godliness.

The Name

I chose the name Inside Out Training because I believe that health is holistic – physical, emotional and spiritual – and that it starts on the inside with our hearts and souls and works outward. If you are not healthy on the inside in both a physical and spiritual sense, the likelihood of us being healthy on the outside is not high.

The Start

With the encouragement and support of my wonderful husband, Inside Out Training became a reality in June of 2011. After being pretty miserable in my previous jobs, Nick encouraged me to go after my passion and goal of being a personal trainer. After much prayer and agony, I decided to take the leap of faith as they say. I quit my job May 31st, and I had my first client by June 30. From then on, I have never looked back.

The Motivation

(There are essentially three things that drive me and thus, dictate this site.)


I love the Lord, and that is the basis for everything I do. I truly believe that each of us is called to be God’s hands and feet in the world. My prayer is that I am helping people to lead more healthy lives physically and spiritually.


I have a witty, philosophical, easy-going and handsome husband and two adorably feisty little girls. They are everything to me


Yep, I actually LIKE to exercise. I have always enjoyed being active, whether playing sports, cycling through Montana’s nature or even doing burpees! I strive to ignite that passion and enjoyment in others (or at least make exercise a little more tolerable).