This At Home Exercise HIIT DVD is perfect for the busy woman who is hoping to get or remain fit in the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Utilizing effective and efficient intensity training (High Intensity Interval Training, Tabata and Metabolic Resistance Training), you will build muscle while simultaneously burning fat! While this DVD is challenging, the program is adaptable for different abilities by simply going at a pace that is challenging, yet manageable for you. All the HIIT workouts can be done in the privacy of your own home with minimal equipment.

The DVD includes a complete warm-up, 10 time HIIT workouts that are done real time following me, and 7 bonus repetition workouts that are demonstrated by me and completed at your own pace. Always remember you get out what you put in! You got this.


A fitness, nutrition and mindset program that will help you discover wellness from the inside out.

We strongly believe in whole health - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - and this program will give you all the key elements to improve each of these components so that you can have an enhanced quality of life.

This is a 4 week seasonal program with four different sessions that each last one month - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter - meaning the recipes, workouts and themes of each session coordinate with the season. We are currently enrolling for the Spring 2018 Session! You will have the opportunity to purchase and enroll in other sessions at a later date.


You are a click away from learning all my top secrets for a stronger core and flatter stomach! Almost 50 pages of my best information, advice, tips and tricks along with over 15 ab specific workout finishers can be yours for just $19.99!

I have been working my buns off to bring you a comprehensive core guide that sorts through the tangled web of information that is out there, telling you what is truly the bee's knees! Whether you are...

trying to really develop some muscle definition in your stomach

pregnant and trying to keep your core in tact and prepare for delivery

postpartum and trying to heal diastasis recti

struggling with peeing anytime you jump or sneeze

have lower back pain

trying to get rid of lower belly pooch

...there is something in here for you!