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Breakfast Cookies

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This year, I put on my big girl pants and hosted our annual girls Christmas Tea. It is a delightful morning when all the women on both sides of our immediate families dress up for delicate sips and delightful nibbles. Usually either my mom or mother-in-law host the event, but this year I actually stepped up to the plate. Gasp. If any of you know me, you will recognize that this is not exactly my strong suite. While I consider myself an adequate cook and a decent baker, I get intimidated by such parties as they definitely push me out […]

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Let Us Not Forget Our Souls

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We are body and soul – our beings cannot be defined by one without the other. The former is the familiar and tangible, and therefore, we are naturally more loyal and committed to it.  On the contrary, our souls are the essence which our senses cannot see, feel, hear, smell or touch. The soul is the mysterious innermost being, which can be all too easy to neglect.

Our bodies are the very address where we reside, and therefore we have a palpable, concrete realization of them. This means it only makes sense that we have a desire, or at the very […]

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It’s not swagger. I am just sore.


It’s not swagger.  I am just sore.

You know the feeling. Putting on your socks, going to the bathroom and scaling the stairs have all become painful pursuits.  And have you ever noticed that it really hits you a day or even two after your workout?

This phenomenon is known as Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Also fittingly called muscle fever, it is the pain and stiffness felt in muscles anywhere from several hours to days post exercise, but peak soreness is typically felt 24 to 48 hours after.

I must admit that I embrace the muscle fever. “I […]

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Spot Training

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There is a magical fairy named Glimmer that flys around in your body zapping fat cells with her pixie dust, making them disappear into thin air! … Boy do I wish! Actually, you never lose your fat cells. Say what?? Yep, you are stuck with them FOR-EV-ER, which means I have to pay tribute to one of the best all-time films.

Anyways, I digress. So if your fat cells don’t go anywhere, what happens to them when you lose weight? I know what you are thinking…they turn into muscle cells right? WRONG! This is a very common myth floating around. That […]

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Against the Grain


My baby girl has terrible food allergies. Honestly, it has been highly frustrating, yet very eye opening at the same time. I have always been what I considered to be a healthy eater, but because of the little miss’ allergies, our family has had to make some pretty substantial dietary changes. It has been a learning curve for sure, but I have been forced to do the research, and boy am I glad. I have started digging into food and its effects on the body so that I can learn as much as I can, and let me tell you, […]

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