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Sometimes, the best gyms are not gyms at all.

As a mom, sometimes it seems impossible to get a workout in, but let’s face it. That is just another excuse. Even with kids, we can find the time if we make it a priority, and we have to make time for it because our kids are the REASON not the EXCUSE! Sometimes, it takes a little creativity as well as being intentional, but where there is a will, there is a way.
If your kids are in school, schedule exercise time while they are out of the house. If you have young kids, at home workouts are going to be your friend. The babes usually take a nap so squeeze something in for 30 minutes {can anyone say HIIT workout?!}. That even still gives you time to fold the clothes or just sit and enjoy a little quiet time. Or you can always haul your butt out of bed before everyone else wakes up. I know that may sound terrible right now, but you might be surprised how much you enjoy starting your day with movement. It sets the right tone for the day, and the best part is that it is done!

If none of those options are an option, try incorporating your children into the workout. Now is the time to be teaching them healthy habits, and from my experience, they really get into it. From helping you count/time, to trying the exercises or simply cheering you on, they enjoy being active and being WITH YOU! On the weekends when I am not exercising with clients, this is often my modus operandi because my daughter no longer naps {if she does, she is up till all hours of the night, but that is a completely different rant}. One of my favorite ways to do this is at the playground.
My girls and I will walk to the playground, or I will even run with them in the stroller so I have already gotten some exercise before we even get there. Then, we will either play active games like tag – they are having a blast, and my heart is pumping. Or while they are making sand castles, zipping down slides or swinging way high in the sky {as my oldest likes to say}, I will do a bodyweight workout or quick HIIT workout using the playground equipment. There are actually a lot of different exercises you can do; see below for some inspiration.

It is definitely a win, win. Your kids have fun, and you get your workout in. Added bonus is that everyone gets to soak up the sun. Oh and don’t worry about the other moms looking like you are complete crazy lady – you know they are feeling guilty for not working out so go ask them to join in!
incline push-ups

tricep dips

bulgarian split squats

decline plank leg lifts

step ups

box jumps

inverted row

walking lunges

bench hop overs

jumping pull-ups

Do 25 reps of each. 4x through. Run to and from the playground.

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