Missing Link in Women’s Fitness


I for one am grateful that the high-waisted pant trend is on point. I mean who doesn’t want to literally tuck everything in and zip it all up?! You feel me? While I haven’t always been a believer, I have finally seen the light on leggings, jeans, shorts, you name it that kiss my belly button.

As women, it seems like the deck is stacked against us when it comes to our stomachs…everything from the Mama pooch, to bloat, to love handles, you name it. Kinda feels like we can’t win huh? Well, I would like to argue that we aren’t even setting ourselves up to win in the first place. Our game plan is all wrong, and no matter how hard we try, we will not come out on top if we aren’t doing the right things in the first place.

Antiquated (and poor) advice tells us to do loads of ab exercises and plenty of cardio all while never eating more than 1200 calories. Thankfully, this sort of regimen isn’t prescribed nearly as much in the fitness world because it will genuinely do more harm than good in most cases. However, it is being replaced with prescriptions for planks, lifting and protein, and while this formula is not bad and can be extremely beneficial, I don’t believe that it paints the whole picture for women and how to strengthen their core.

First, on a muscular level, a strong core is so much more than the surface level abs, rather it is actually compromised of your pelvic floor, transverse abdominis, multifidus and diaphragm. However, most exercise programs do not even acknowledge these muscles. While traditional abdominal exercises will strengthen your 6 pack muscles, they will do very little for your entire deep core.

And strengthening your deep core is absolutely essential for proper female functioning. Many exercise programs place little regard on these muscles and their function, which is unfortunate because believe it or not, it isn’t just about looking good in a bathing suit. We have these muscles for a purpose, and they play a huge role in preventing and healing issues such as diastasis recti, umbilical hernias, stress urinary incontinence, poor posture, lower back pain, shallow breathing and so much more. If you actually take the time to work these muscles, you will…
– have better posture
– move well
– have less aches and pains
– not pee every time you sneeze
– have less Mama pooch
– have better sexual functioning

Basically, the quality of your life will be so much better if you just shift your focus from looking good to functioning well when it comes to your core.

But I get it. I hear you. It would still be nice to have a flatter stomach. Well, in actuality, working your deep core is going to be effective for that too. From a looks standpoint, working on just your surface level abs can actually make your stomach thicker because the muscles build outward, and it doesn’t remove any fat. This equation actually equals a BIGGER diameter of your stomach. The deep core however, draws the stomach in making it leaner and tighter.

So hopefully by now, you realize that it is highly important to address and strengthen your deep core, and not just your ab muscles that so often get the limelight and are even sometimes a one man show.

If I have you convinced, I know that you are thinking “BUT HOW?!” Well, it is a big picture…

It is about educating yourself so you know what your deep core is in the first place.
It is about learning to breathe with your diaphragm.
It is about learning to actually engage your deep core muscles PROPERLY.
It is about improving your posture.
It is about moving properly as you do life.
It is about actually connecting your mind to the muscles in your workouts.

It is a whole process and system, far too much for me to cover in one blog post, but I want to teach you, and I am working hard to create something that gives you the best of both worlds…education on the deep core so that you can function better AND have a flatter stomach, but also high quality workouts and nutrition that do not hinder, but rather enhance not only the deep core work, but also your quality of life. Because there are so many gaps and downfalls in women’s fitness, and I want to bring you something that not only gives you all the pieces to the puzzle, but also makes you healthier INSIDE AND OUT.

So stay tuned. And if you want to be the first to know details, sign-up for the waitlist here.

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