I love, love, love workouts that are a set amount of reps that I just need to finish as quickly as I can. I find that I push myself more on these type of HIIT workouts because I know that the faster I go, the faster I am done. Motivation to just get in and get done.

I also love, love, love at home workouts that require little equipment. One of the best investments that you can make for your home gym is a set of dumbbells. You can honestly get them just about anywhere, and they are relatively expensive. You […]

Bat wings, bingo wings, chicken wings…whatever kind of wings you want to call them…no one likes under arm flab!

Workout Type: Finisher

Total workout time: 9 minutes

Equipment Required: Bench, Suspension Trainer

Sometimes, the best gyms are not gyms at all.

Workout type: Repetitions

Total workout time: As long as it takes

Equipment required: Playground